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Grand Marnier

At Lambesis, we worked on numerous ad campaigns with Grand Marnier, and this project was based a whole spirit brand. The ad was published in numerous publications such as Maxim Magazine, Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated etc. At Lambesis, I concepted some visuals to create a sensual ad that encompassed a provocative style. While contributing some conceptual ideas and working at Lambesis, we would collaborate and strealine a “french” yet “playful” scheme. We wanted to focus on the seductive playful theme and that focused on a women pulling on guy's tie. As simple as it sounds, a close shot of a lady pulling on a man’s tie allows for some imagination and left to the audience to fill in the blanks. With the help of our Creative Director, the illustartor drew up some concepts and showcased different options, and the concepts were presented to Grand Marnier for approval.  © Lambesis


Concept and Design

Concept Sketches
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